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Zip Strips:

Just as the clicker and stringer allowed a cheater to use the same coin over and over, many times, the "Zip Strip" allows a person to get credits on the machine for the same bill, several times. The Zip Strip is designed so that the cheater can pull the bill back after he gets the credits on the machine. Of course, just like earlier devices, this has to be designed for a particular make and model of bill acceptor. It consists of a handle, sometimes strings to allow the bill to go deeper into the machine (thus avoiding a "tilt" or "timeout" onĀ  the bill validator). This is one of the earliest ones. A piece of tough paper (like the realy tough, fibrous stuff used in some mailing envelopes) is glued to a dollar bill. The bill went into the valildator. The cheater got his credits, then pulled the dollar back. Sometimes it broke the validator, because the little wheels and gears inside it are not designed to go backwards. This next one is a little more sophisticated: a piece of tough, flexible plastic is fastened to the bill with tough thread (dental floss again). The first picture shows the tailored holes cut into the plastic which allow the wheels inside the acceptor to run the bill in past the scanner. This device allowed the bill to go all the way into the cash box and then be pulled out again.

This one is another simple one. Tough tape (strapping tape) attaches the handle to the bill. The cheater simply inserts the bill, gets his credits, and pulls it back out. Two more similar devices. Each of these is designed to scam a particular make and model of validator.

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