Baccarat Scams 2010-2011

The following is a summary of the interim Surveillance report relating to a card cutting scam that occurred at SKYCITY Auckland, between 24 – 28 November 2010: After receiving notification on 24 November of the arrival of a group of players from Singapore with no known playing history and led by Junket Operator, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Surveillance undertook monitoring of the groups play.  Initial results were indicative of normal play associated with baccarat players, but on 26 November, shoe analyses were conducted for two shoes with losses of $688K and $1.272M respectively.  These shoes showed a different betting pattern than was being observed earlier, and when a third losing shoe for $2.549M was recorded, the resulting review prompted a revisit of the play, with particular attention to the shuffle activity. During the review for the $2.5M loss, suspicious action was noted by the player who was inserting the cutting card.  The cutting action was different to the earlier card cutting by the players in the group, and our fears were confirmed when, after reviewing the other significant losses, the same suspicious action was observed.  The suspicious action was identical with that experienced by other Casinos in the Australasian region in recent months, and involves:
  • The players  index finger hidden underneath the cutting card which is grasped tightly at one corner
  • Extreme pressure is exerted by the thumb on top of the cutting card (with the index finger underneath) as it is dragged very slowly across the cards
  • As a result of the pressure exerted, the cards are splayed by the players forefinger and we believe photographed by a miniature camera hidden in the players jacket or shirt sleeve
  • The player immediately leaves the table and spends a short time in a toilet and subsequently leaves the Casino without returning to the table to play
What is then believed to occur is that the footage gained from the hidden camera is given or transmitted to another party, who, analyses the results and records the precise sequence of cards that have been filmed.  This information is relayed to a ‘big player’, who is then able to place large bets with confidence, once the slug or sequence of cards begins to appear. From extensive reviews, we have ascertained that the Singapore groups Modus Operandi, is as follows:
  • The identified card cutters operating on separate shoes are Chue Yong TEO and Soon Kiat SHAU.
  • Typically these two leave the table immediately following the card cutting and enter the toilet.  They then leave the Casino and return to the Hotel.
  • Hock Thiam TOH has been identified as the decoy who distracts the G Super whilst the card cutter is operating.
  • At least one other group player is observed playing nominal bets during the affected shoes, up until the slug or sequence of cards appears.  Their departure from the table coincides with the arrival of the Big Player.
  • The Big Player has been identified as Kitman CHIANG, who is at times assisted by Kim Sing TAN
  • CHIANG is observed on the smokers deck operating a hands free receiver in conjunction with his mobile phone, immediately prior to the slug or sequence appearing during the affected shoes.
  • CHIANG is observed joining table play prior to marker cards being identified, and bets increase quickly to the $200K table differential.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a link to a video released on this or a similar scam that occurred in the Phillipines:It show the actual video record of the concealed camera, both in real-time and slow motion, revealing how the video record of the sequence of cards was acquired. xxxxxxxxxxxx A similar scam was busted in Macau, where substandard shuffle machines used on baccarat tables had been fitted with concealed cameras:

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