December 2011

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December 2011

Merry Christmas to all, and welcome back to CSN.Once again, work and personal issues have forced me to skip a couple months, but I always come back. Welcome back to Casino Surveillance News, the longest-running trade letter for our little niche in the casino world. The news-only portion of this letter can be seen at CSN News: Sorry for the missed month (again). I spent most of September and October with completing a training program, the rest of October and November moving and getting settled in a new (to us) home. Again. The updated textbook, Casino Surveillance Operations Manual, can now be ordered  through this email address:, in CD format PDF files only. I am no longer printing the book, it is far too large and expensive to print and ship. I will give former customers a discount of $20 on the new text, which is just short of 500 pages, and includes a full section on Cheating and Internal Theft in Casinos. A lot of the materials have been updated (especially those parts written prior to 2005), and all of the materials written since then are now part of the textbook. The book is in use at College of Southern Nevada for its beginning Surveillance course, and of course I am using it in my own training programs. The discount can be obtained by returning the earlier edition CD. The Manual costs $85 including standard mailing within the US. It will be a little more if you want it quicker than four-seven days, or if you want it shipped outside the US. The purchase agreement is that you can use it for the company you work for, including electronic copies and printing, but you cannot distribute beyond that. If you resell or redistribute any of the materials beyond this, you are in violation of copyright laws. Sorry, but I too have  to make a living and safeguard the copyrights. I am still prepared to sell complete custom training programs to casinos, especially those who are operating two or more properties. These programs take a bit of time to prepare, as they are customized to the gaming and regulatory environment of the casino(s) involved. Please give me a bit of lead time. In order to set up a customized program, I need to study local and state laws. I am already very familiar with NIGC regs, but would need to look at a copy of the compact with the state, and any state laws regarding gaming. This is especially important in the sections dealing with regulation, detention, and cheating.

It's News Time:

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Busts and Scams:

While dining with wife at friends at one of the casino restaurants, Resorts Casino CEO Dennis Gomes observed something suspicious, and ended up by tackling a thief. See the story We all worry about card counters, shuffle trackers and hole-carders, but what about the guy who simply exploits the marketing department as his form of advantage play? I have seen a number of questionable marketing programs over the years, but this one has to be the most expensive to date. See the story Mr. Zender also has a few comments to make about this player and his (and others') strategies. See Bill's article A former dealer at the Marina Bay Sands casino has been jailed six months for committing criminal breach of trust. He was busted with $15,000 worth of chips concealed in his sock. See the story A lawsuit filed in federal court in mid-September alleges that money placed on account with the Full Tilt Poker website had not been kept secure but had been transferred to personal accounts of several of the company's owners. See the story Further information on this scam can be found at this page. [Editorial note: this is one of the reasons that Casino Surveillance News does not accept ads from online gaming sites. The online gaming business is unregulated, and the fact that, in order to get redress on any complaint requires a lawsuit in another country, where the activity in question may not even be illegal, makes online gaming far more of a "caveat emptor" situation than one might readily believe. See the following story for another reason we do not accept advertising from online gaming sites.] Beware of any online gaming site using BLR Technologies software. At least two online casinos use software that cheats craps players, two leading gambling statisticians say. See the story A related article with links to source appears here. The lawyer for a man claiming he was sucker-punched by a Detroit Police officer inside the MGM Grand Casino wants an independent review of the officer's actions. See the story (including video) Two Massachusetts state senators said they would have voted for a "cooling off period" blocking legislators from working for a casino for five years if they had been given the chance. As it turned out, a vote on an amendment establishing the five-year period was pushed aside for a weaker, one-year ban. See the story [and yes, there is a reason this story is in "Busts and Scams"] Wynn Las Vegas says a group of craps players who won $700,000 in July cheated the system, and the resort is suing them. According to report, the casino took notice when two players won $145,000 on seven throws of the dice on July 17. See the story Another story on this is linked here, from Las Vegas And another here (Ed.Note: below, in the Keynote Article area, is a link to an instructional article by a very respected colleague regarding the dice slide scam.  I have never seen more information on this one packed into less print space.] Hong Kong police arrested 14 men allegedly involved in a 25 million HK$ loan loan-sharking racket linked to two Macau syndicates. The gangs targeted Hong Kong gamblers in local casinos. See the story Criminals have pulled off more successful scams this year than in the past, said the director of surveillance for the L’Auberge du Lac casino in Lake Charles, La. He doesn’t attribute the cheating boom to the sour economy. Rather, he said, “I think it’s the timeless cat-and-mouse game between casinos and the people who want to steal from them.” This story details scams from the past year in baccarat, roulette and other games, as well as collusion between Surveillance and the criminals. See the story Atlantic City police will soon have access to the casinos’ surveillance systems to "help them fight crime." Billed as an emergency-response and anti-terrorism measure, it gives police complete access to casino surveillance systems as well as hospitals and other institutions. See the story [Ed. Note: does it ever end? Who, exactly, will have access to this information, and how will it in fact be used? These links go beyond local police to federal levels, allowing surveillance by the Fed (Big Brother, King Obama's minions, etc) of people at their recreation and other activities. The measure is funded by Homeland Security, which was established with extra-constitutional powers by Congress (Patriot Act), and this one goes far beyond that. I really think this needs to be seriously looked at, as to its constitutionality. Besides that, what authority do the police have to secretly observe people when they are involved in law-abiding activities, and who else will this information be given or sold to? A subpoena for recordings of specific criminal activities is one thing, but access to the entire operation of a casino and the activities of its patrons is something else. Once again, we are witnessing a government-sponsored bid for access to and control of private lives and activities being sold on the basis of greater "safety and security." And once again, there is a reason this story is put into the Busts and Scams section.]

“A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither." Thomas Jefferson

The promotional videos accompanying the launch of Homeland Security's  ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign characterize “suspicious activity” as a whole range of mundane behaviors, including opposing surveillance, using a video camera, talking to police officers, wearing hoodies, driving vans, writing on a piece of paper, and using a cell phone recording application. This one has to be seen to be believed. It seems designed to distract and overwhelm both law enforcement and private security with reports of ordinary behavior. See the story See also this article [Tell me: what is Homeland Security, as a branch of the Federal Government, trying to distract us from seeing? Alternatively, what are they trying to sell us? Distraction is, as well as an integral part of most scams, a common selling technique: When you are selling something, and someone asks a question that has an embarrassing answer, or none, the salesman diverts your attention to something else. Is the Fed selling their product through fear?] A trio of law enforcement agencies is investigating an apparent major theft from the Santa Ysabel Casino in northeast San Diego County, California. See the story The founder of the "Girls Gone Wild" video empire has upped the ante in a legal dispute over a $2 million casino debt with Las Vegas Strip casino mogul Steve Wynn and the Wynn Las Vegas resort.  See the story A casino Surveillance worker injured when he fell out of his chair while trying to prop his feet on the desk has lost a round in his bid to collect worker's compensation insurance payments. See the story It took a ''high-value'' gambler five minutes to create the paperwork that duped the Crown casino into advancing him $125,000. See the story Three Malaysian men were each jailed in Singapore for 45 months for conspiracy to pass off fake casino chips as genuine. See the story The latest in the Pham false shuffle scam [Below, in the Keynote Article section, is a link to an instructional video on false shuffles, specific to baccarat but also useful for blackjack.]

Online Poker News:

I. Nelson Rose, a distinguished senior professor at the Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, Calif., said he’s pessimistic about the passage of legislation because federal lawmakers this session have demonstrated they can’t come to an agreement on any significant legislation. See the story Professor Rose's articles are available at his website, You should read both his articles and his blog, which you can access at the top of his web page. A specific article regarding the politics, in California, of legalizing and regulating online poker can be found at this page.

Other Casino News:

A federal judge refused to impose a shroud of secrecy around an overtime lawsuit filed by nine personal security officers for Las Vegas Sands Corp. CEO Sheldon Adelson and his family. See the story Steve Wynn’s revolutionary policy of requiring hundreds of card dealers to share tips with supervisors does not comply with Nevada law, a state judge has ruled. See the story

Keynote Article:

This month's "article" is not by me. I have put together a collection of articles and video clips by respected colleagues, all of which I think you should see. Far be it from me to promote a "rival's" business, but the fact is, these people are very good at what they do. I have learned immensely from Bill Zender, and Willy Allison is another in the list of people I have to acknowledge for "people I have learned from." I would like for you to look at what these people have said, learn from them. However, when all is said and done, they aren't selling the programs that I have available. Heeere's Willy on Procedures, and its application to preventing players, even "valuable and desirable players," taking advantage of the casino. [My own series on procedures is more focused on what we in surveillance need to do. And I have an article, published here, on aspects of marketing scams, both from the outside and from the inside of the casino.] Willy and Bill video, on the false shuffle scam. Here's Bill on Dice Sliders. And here is Willy again, on taking advantage of casino patron-recruiting programs * * *

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